The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An integral element of every developed country is its artistic and creative potential. It is the artists who make our everyday reality whole, enriching and, indeed, transforming it by creating works of art whose value is often incalculable and timeless. Their stories help civilize both individuals and society as a whole. They send us a message while challenging us, providing a tangible proof of our world as well as a lens through which it can be observed.

By virtue of its location and rich cultural traditions Slovakia has long been a part of the community of European nations. The Slovak presidency of the EU Council thus provides our country with a unique opportunity to showcase our values and cultural potential. I am delighted that during my country’s presidency Slovak art, too, will be amply represented in EU countries, making a more coherent appearance on the European stage. It will highlight the values that are pivotal for us at this junction, that resonate with our society while at the same time helping to shape European narratives. A plethora of outstanding artists have already helped to raise our country’s profile and I believe that their presentations in the course of Slovakia’s presidency can make a further contribution to promoting Slovakia and raising the country’s profile.

The ambitious SLOV:motion project, developed by the Slovak Theatre Institute, is extraordinarily inventive and attractive due to its overall concept and its representative and varied composition. At the same time it bears witness to the contemporary state and prospects of, as well as the trends in, Slovak theatre and dance. It confirms the thesis that art is capable of communicating universally, virtually without words, and that artists form an integral part of the world while preserving their national identity and enriching the common cultural space. I am convinced that my words will be validated by the appearance of Slovak theatre makers, dancers, performers and playwrights in the renowned Les Halles of Brussels and that they will, in the course of the following four days, create a space not only for presentations but also for what really matters in art – giving pointers for the future and forging the way for further creative cultural activities and encounters.




Marek Maďarič
Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic