Pôtoň Theatre, Bátovce


Iveta Ditte Jurčová and Michal Ditte founded the Pôtoň Theatre in 2000 as an amateur theatre company. Three years later they set up an independent professional association, following their own distinctive path from very early on and producing shows on controversial social issues based on their field research and authentic collected material. Originally established in the southern Slovak city of Levice, in 2008, having received an offer to use the defunct cultural centre in Bátovce near Levice rent-free for 30 years, they proceeded to refurbish and convert the place into a Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Several years of hard work have resulted in a theatre that can host original productions as well as workshops, residences, incubators of ideas, community and educational activities. The theatre runs educational projects linking art with other areas (sociology, ethnography, history), with a main focus on educating the public and developing critical thinking. It also serves as a venue for workshops for both professionals and lay public. Since 2015 they have added film screenings, specialising in contemporary European cinema.