European Union through drama. Ode or a farce?


The EU As Seen Through Drama/Ode Or Farce, is a project initiated by the Slovak Theatre Institute and aimed at encouraging the creation of new dramatic texts by Slovak playwrights capturing the developments in our country in the ten years since its accession to the European Union in 2004. The response of Slovak society to EU membership has been quite tumultuous, varying between positive and negative depending on demographic structures and global political developments. Nineteen authors took part in this creative project curated by three Slovak dramaturgs.

What the resulting plays have in common is a predominantly positive view of EU membership. However, the authors have not shied away from depicting some of its negative aspects. With a healthy dose of sarcasm aimed at EU regulations, particularly in agriculture, the authors reflect on new laws or bans, which have been portrayed simplistically by the Slovak media. Many of the texts share a highly critical view of those Slovaks who have managed to make “clever” use of various EU grants and subsidies. Plays by younger authors highlight the situation of Slovak expats who have left the country to study or in search of work.

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The selected texts feature powerful dramatic plots and modern protagonists of the kind that have not been seen on the Slovak stage before. The project was publicly presented on two occasions, first as part of the events of the 2014 Theatre Night and then at the Nová dráma/New Drama 2015 festival, with the participation of the playwrights and dramaturgs involved.

Three of the plays produced by three different playwrights as part of the project are being shown at Les Halles.




Jozef Dodo Gombár / EUROROOM





Viliam Klimáček / THE DAY GAGARIN DIED





Zuzana Uličanska / TAGEBUCH