Dance With Me

Concept: Maja Hriešik
Visual realisation: Richard Chomo, Maja Hriešik
Camera: Richard Chomo
Sound and sound mixing: Adam Kuchta
Architectural design: JaOnMi CreatureS
Dancers: Libuša Bachratá, Monika Haasová, Yuri Korec, Daniel Raček, Anna Sedlačková, Jaro Viňarský, Stanislava Vlčeková, Katarína Mojžišová-Zagorski, Emil Leeger

Dance With Me is an intimate interactive game, an experience-based presentation of video profiles of outstanding Slovak dancers, in which the movements performed by the dancers on film are as important as those that the spectators can try out themselves. Hidden from view, audience members are free to choose any of the dancers’ profiles and decide if they wish to engage with their chosen performer’s dance story in an active or passive manner. The installation aims to present a whole range of approaches to movement found in contemporary dance and to introduce selected artists who represent several generations currently appearing on the Slovak stage. The “experience box” allows the dancers to introduce themselves through dance monologues and demonstrate the key features of their style both verbally and through movement.


Libuša Bachratá (1985)

Graduate in Slovak folk dance teaching and of flamenco courses in Seville and Madrid. Since her early childhood she has also engaged with the dance of the Roma population of the Carpathian Basin, exploring the similarities between Roma dance and Roma flamenco through her dance. Her choreographies have been staged by a number of theatres.

Monika Haasová (1976)

Actor, dancer and director. She returned to Slovakia a few years ago after working in Holland for over a decade. With her partner, a Hungarian dancer Peter Cseri she has founded the site-specific festival Divné veci (Strange Things). As a performer she cooperates with several Slovak choreographers.

Emil_pEmil Leeger (1980)

Performer, acrobat and dancer. He is the co-author of a number of collectively created productions based primarily on physical and dance theatre.



Dano_pDaniel Raček (1973)

Dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. A graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Comenius University, he went on to study the pedagogy of modern dance at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In Slovakia he is known primarily for his work with the Debris Company and as co-founder of the company Neskorý zber (Late Harvest), which features dancers aged 40-plus. He has also made guest appearances in productions staged by RootlessRoot (Kireru, Collective Loss of Memory)

Anna Sedlačková (1962)

Dancer, choreographer, teacher and movement therapist.  Active on Slovakia’s dance scene for the past thirty years, she has helped to bring the country’s contemporary dance up to professional standards. For many years she has practised Body-Mind Centering technique and applied it on work with young children. She has recently returned to active performance with the dance company Neskorý zber (Late Harvest) company.

Jaro_pJaro Viňarský (1978)

Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher. He has worked with a range of choreographers such as Simone Sandroni, Julyen Hamilton, Irene Stamou and Frey Faust and, most recently, Karine Ponties, Pavel Zuštiak and Petra Tejnorová. In Slovakia, where he is currently based, he has founded the non-profit SKOK! active in audience building. He is the 2013 recipient of the Bessie Award in the “outstanding performer” category for the Pavel Zuštiak production of Bastard.

Stanislava Vlčeková (1981)

Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She is a key member of the Debris Company, a physical theatre, in her capacity as choreographer and performer (e.g. Mono, Epic, Clear). As choreographer she has worked with distinguished theatre and opera directors in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Katka_pKatarína Mojžišová-Zagorski (1975)

Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and, most recently, also writer on dance. For many years she was based in Ireland, working with the Daghdha Dance Company in Limerick. Her projects are marked by a distinctive visual style and powerful conceptualization.

Authors of the installation

Richard Chomo (1982) – film editor, cameraman and director. He has taught various film workshops and provided dramaturgy for the NuVideoDance festival in Bratislava. He is the author of number of dance films and videos and is currently shooting a documentary road movie Move my shoes mapping the lives of contemporary dance performers around Europe.

Maja Hriešik (1978) – director, theorist and dance dramaturge. Within the Slovak Theatre Institute she is responsible for research as well as promotion of Slovak contemporary dance.