A4 – nultý priestor (A4 – Space Zero), Bratislava (today A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture)


In 2004 several non-profits – Atrakt Art, Asociácia súčasného tanca (The Contemporary Dance Association), Burundi Datalab Studio Displej Press and Združenie pre súčasnú operu (The Association for Contemporary Opera) – turned the former Czech Centre in Bratislava into A4 – Space Zero, a space dedicated to contemporary culture.

Over the twelve years of its existence A4 has served as an alternative multicultural space.  It has provided a home for the fringe SkRAT Theatre, and hosted concerts by contemporary composers as well as cult underground bands from Slovakia and abroad, and presented new forms of performing art, dance projects, film screenings and other events. When A4 – Space Zero was deprived of its lease in 2012 in a renewal procedure that was far from transparent, the centre was forced to move out of the former Czech Club overnight and look for new premises. For a few months they rented a floor in a functionalist building in the city centre, the former clothing department store Dunaj, now a cultural monument, which for some time has been home to another cultural centre, KC Dunaj, one of the most popular multicultural venues in Bratislava. After a couple of months the organisation moved to another functionalist building, the former YMCA in Karpatská Street. The A4 team have themselves refurbished a theatre hall in the basement and a pub on the ground floor. In the new location the evening programme has focused on new forms of contemporary art. The audiences can now enjoy contemporary art on a daily basis rather than just a few nights a week.