Opening Night – Les SlovaKs

Ten years ago five Slovak dancers based in Belgium launched their now acclaimed company, Les SlovaKs. As children, the company members had shared the folk dancing stage in Slovakia and later, while still young, they reconnected in Belgium in dance schools and as performers of works by well-known choreographers. Their debut piece, Opening Night, has lost none of its relevance since it was first shown in Brussels in 2007. It tells the story of the company’s shared history and friendship through a dynamic and playful interplay between the artists and their audience.
This touching, funny and electrifying work features playful interactions between the dancers and a violinist, weaving between folk dancing and contemporary dance with youthful zeal and a sincere conviction that they are doing the right thing.

Choreography and dance: Les SlovaKs (Milan Herich, Anton Lachký, Milan Tomášik, Peter Jaško, Martin Kilvády)
Score and live music: Simon Thierrée
Set design: Les SlovaKs
Lighting design: Hans Valcke
Costume design: Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez
Technical director: Joris De Bolle
Production: Phileas Productions – Ulti’mates/Ultima vez
Co-production: Teatre Mercat de les Flors, Fondazione Musica per Roma

Partners: DCJ – Dans Centrum Jette, BUDA Kunstencentrum
Premiered in November 2007

Les SlovaKs is a professional dance company based in Brussels comprising five independent, energetic dancers from Slovakia: Milan Herich, Peter Jaško, Anton Lachký, Milan Tomášik and Martin Kilvády.  Having known each other for many years and dancing and living together at various periods from their childhood to the present, Les SlovaKs formally came together as a company in 2006, starting from the point at which they wanted to end: vivacious and unfettered dance.


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